Num- Date Letter Addressed Summary or
ber m/d/y Writer to gist of letter
1 2/27/85 George Ladera Daily Inquirer Psychoanalysis / obsession "saling pusa"
2 3/5/85 Alice Moranas Daily Inquirer Chato Olivas as an emotional daughter
3 3/5/85 Epifanio Densing, Jr. Daily Inquirer Complaints of general's daughter
4 3/15/85 Franklin Tan Daily Inquirer Galman son has more class than Chato 
5 4/5/85 Delano Drilon Daily Inquirer Le Chat strikes again
6 4/22/85 George Ladera Daily Inquirer Pouncing pussycat & pen pals as comics
7 4/27/85 Avelino Silverio Daily Inquirer Saling pusa as political conditioning
8 4/27/85 Sergio Garcia Daily Inquirer Fight between Chato and Ladera
9 5/1/85 Max Ilano Daily Inquirer Chato's ego trips
10 8/18/85 George Ladera Veritas Chato Olivas' complaints