Gerry Gil's Creations

         In the year 2000, it was 5 years since the untimely demise of Gerry Gil; 16 years since he started anonymously writing letters to the editor; and 13 years since he wrote the last known letter included herein, having thus created within that 3 year period as many as 40 personalities from over 350 letters, all during the interesting time frame starting 2 years before the revolution that toppled strongman Marcos of the Philippines and the chaotic months that followed.
        This period of letter writing preceeded his return to journalism, and taken together, can be viewed as Gerry's great contribution to Philippine editorial writing: how his journalistic forays and joustings in the political arena via the editorial page unmasked the absurdities and banalities of the politics and powers-that-be of that period, in a uniquely humorous and irreverent manner unmatched by any other writer.
        And Gerry was the creator of form when history, humor and journalism intersected.
        It is hoped that this website will amply serve the students of recent Philippine political history, editorial and communication writers, and humor-mongers like most of us.
        Herein are majority of his letters, scanned and retyped from the trove of hard-copy files found after his death, or from his computer disk files.  They are presented in various groupings:  a selected list of letters with common topics, the chronological a list of all the letters, a list of all the persons mentioned in the letters, and a roster of the letter  writers themselves.
        Author Jimmy Ong, in the 1997 book of Gerry's writings, Wordsmith With A Slingshot  expounds on Gerry's letters to the editor in his Introduction.   The book won the National  Award for Journalism   A few samples from the book are presented.  Other  writings and obits are also included in this website.


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