Gerry, who was a working-student completing his B.S. in English at the University of the Philippines at the time, was already a two-fisted writer who - as John F. Kennedy once said admiringly of Winston Churchill - "mobilized the English language and sent it to battle."  But above and beyond his skills and his experience as a journalist, Gerry was a man with a brave and persevering heart.
        We journalists who patrol the mean streets of the nation and struggle daily to dig up what is gross and corrupt so the filth and detritus of our society can be exposed to the light of day, tend to grow cynical in the course of our profession., weary of contending endlessly with the goblins and demons of our body politic, callous about crime.
        Not so, Gerry Gil. Gerry’s spirit never flagged. His optimism never waned. His courage never faltered. He was a knight, standing upright in the press of battle, confident that we in the media could, by rallying to each other in the defense of good causes, succeed in banishing Evil with our shining swords. Sadly, Gerry has now laid aside his sword and gone home to the Father. But we will remember him always, and be inspired and strengthened by that memory. Godspeed to you, Gerry, and God bless you!

Max Soliven
The Philippine Star
Thursday, July 27, 1995
excerpts from By the Way column