April 12, 1985
Mr. & Ms. Special Edition

Mr. Hilarion Henares, Jr.ís article on Messrs. Jaime Ongpin and Jose Concepcion, Jr. (Special Edition, Apr. 11-17) is the kind of freshman-sociology theorizing indulged in by under-25 junior executives speculating about their colleagues.

"He is like that because he is from La Salle" or "He comes from a rich family, kasi, e" or "He is mayabang because he is an Atenista."

Mr. Henares presumes he can look "into the heart of hearts" of Mr. Ongpin when all he is really doing is psychologizing-by-stereotype.

His confidence in this sophomoric way of categorizing people tells us that Mr. Henares, deep in his heart of hearts, does not realize he is shallow.