July 1, 1985
Letter to the Editor

After reading Hilarion P. Henaresí invidious account of Opus Deiís influence in the Philippines (Panorama, June 30), I wish he had joined the organization as it was being formed here in the early sixties. At that time, Dr. Bernardo Villegas and Dr. Jesus Estanislao were actively recruiting prominent professionals, especially economists.

If Mr. Henares had joined Opus Dei and persevered, he would have ranked at least Number 3 (after Villegas and Estanislao) and Number 5 (after Dr. Omar Cruz and Dr. Vaughn Montes) in the Opus Dei order of battle. But even if Mr. Henares ranked even as low as 10th, the Opus Dei connection would make him at least a hundred times more influential than he is today.

It is a tragic waste that Mr. Henares, for all his wit and wisdom, is reduced to writing satirical pieces on the Americans, language, sex, and other topics he finds entertaining.

Ruben Muego