April 12, 1986
The Philippine Daily Inquirer

It is not true, as reader Jordan Dy claims (PDI, Apr. 12) that Hilarion Henares, Jr. ignores or slanders those that point out the errors in his articles. Henares has been known to apologize.

1. Henares apologized to Jose Carpio, then Public Relations Director of the San Miguel Corporation, for his unkind allusions about SMC Chairman Andres Soriano, Jr.’s involvement with the Philippine association. In fact, it was Soriano’s brother, Don Jose, who was active in this group.

2. Henares reassured Atty. Fulgencio Factoran, Jr. that he (Henares) had never intended to impugn Rafael Salas’ sense of nationalism -- an impression a Henares article had conveyed to Factoran.

3. Henares apologized to Tomas S. Quirino for his attack on the long-dead president Elpidio Quirino who, he claimed, was peremptorily summoned to the US Embassy and had meekly gone there where he was lectured by the US ambassador.

Henares apologized to prominent people, at times with poor grace, at other times, to the point of abasing himself. It is only people he does not know (like Mr. Dy) whom he ignores.