April 19, 1986
Mrs. & Mrs. Special Edition

Here’s a paradox.

We measure love in terms of how much we are willing to give up for the beloved. And yet, if we truly love, we do not, should not, even think of computing the costs and benefits.

This is why I wish we had many more people like Paul Aquino who said, "I did my humble share in helping Cory without regard as to any notion that I may reap rewards thereafter . . . . Having won the struggle is more than any reward that I could ever imagine" (Letter, Apr. 11).

And this is why I wish we had far less people like Larry Henares who shrieks invidiously, "If June Keithley for her role in Radio Veritas is given the Legion of Honor medal, the highest honor the Republic gives to a civilian --- then Butz and his siblings deserve ten medals! . . . We want to be heard too . . . we deserve at least a chance to present our case in the higher councils of state" (Letters, Apr. 18).

And what did Henares do to deserve what he demands?

According to Wilson Abaya, Henares established "himself as the Damian Sotto of the English-speaking portion of the A and B households of our country" (Letters, Apr. 18).