April 13, 1986
Dear Editor,

Just a brief note to confirm Jordan O. Dyís complaint (Letters, Apr. 12) that Mr. Hilarion Henares ignores people who point out errors in his articles.

Last June, Dr. Henares wrote an article for your sister publication in which he claimed that the Womenís liberation Movement (which, he said, started in the 50s) was followed by the development of the birth control pill and then by the publication of the Kinsey Report.

My letter pointed out that Dr. Heneresí dates were all wrong: the Kinsey report was published in 1948; the first birth control pill, Enovid-10, went on sale in 1960; and the Womenís Lib didnít start till the mid-60ís.

My letter was never published.

What makes this situation seem anomalous is the fact that your sister publication promptly printed a letter of mine a month or so ago which I pointed out some errors made by columnist Maximo V. Soliven.