May 16, 1986
Mr & Mrs Special Edition

In reporting the mythical declamation contest at Xavier School (Special Edition, May 16) Larry Hernares (in burst of uncharacteristic modesty) omitted the sixth contestant who was Larry himself. Letís look at how Larry handled the latter part of "The Raven."

He has just discovered that the bird is a messenger from above; he has asked for "respite and nepenthe" and the bird says, "Nevermore"; he has asked whether there is "balm in Gilead" and again, the bird says "Nevermore"; and now, Larry poses the final question:

         "Prophet," said I, "thing of evil, prophet still if bird or devil,
          By the heaven that bends above us,
          by that God we both adore,
          Tell this soul if foul perdition
          Fells Ongpin, does this condition,
          Make me heir to his position,
          which Iíve salivated for."
         And the bird spat, "Nevermore."

Juan P. Antillon