January 29, 1986
Peopleís Forum / MALAYA

If the projected debate between President Marcos and Mrs. Corazon Aquino (MALAYA, Jan. 27) takes place, I hope the organizer, Mr. Ted Saniel, reconsiders the decision to have Mr. Hilarion Henares and Dr. Bernardo Villegas as panelists.

These gentlemen are competent enough. Itís just that Mr. Henares cannot control his near-pathological urge to project his image as the Damian Sotto of the English-speaking members of the A and B audiences.

With these two on the panel, the public wonít hear the Marcos-Aquino debate but Mr. Henaresí foul-mouthed tirades against Dr. Villegasí celibate baldness and bald celibacy.