Many a time I wished I could have pirated Gerry.
- Max Soliven

Woe to the wicked who fell on Gerry's pen.
- Jerry Barican

Nothing was too high or too low for Gil's cerebration.
-Today editorial

If reading were a vice, he'd have been classified
 as a main liner.
- Butch de/ Castillo

His logic was unassailable and he could argue an issue
with the simplicity of a paring knife.
Jullie Y. Daza

A true believer with a fine agnostic spirit.
- Frankie Llaguno

He was always true to his name, Generoso.
- Loida N. Lewis

The very sting and laughter of a perpetually youthful
and inquisitive conscience.
- Gemino H. Abad

Without Gerry Gil, journalism seems a much lonelier place.
- Rina Jimenez-David

Even employees give their employers 30 days notice. Gerry
gave me no warning whatsoever. Shit!
- Zip Roxas

Jesus, but I'll miss you!
- Margie Holmes

From the book "Wordsmith With a Slingshot"