Gerry’s book won the National Book Award for Journalism, given by the Manila Critics Circle, at ceremonies held on 12 Sept 1998 at the Philippine Bookfair (an annual book fair) in SM Megamall in Metro Manila. Jimmy Ong and [mother] Mrs. Gil accepted the award. The prize was a trophy designed by National Artist Napoleon Abueva. The ceremonies were covered by ABC and RPN, as well as by newspapers.
        I head the Circle, but during the voting, I did not have to say a single word for the book. Everybody immediately chose it above the other finalists (which were heavyweights themselves). Some of the judges even quoted from memory from the book!
        Meanwhile, the book is available at the Bookfair in the De La Salle University Press booths (I’m publisher). The Press has a website (though I am not sure Gerry’s book is already on it), and the book can be — or eventually will be — available through credit card purchase from the webpage.
        Here is the citation read at the awarding ceremonies of the National Book Awards for Gerry’s book. It was written by Doreen G. Fernandez (chair of the Department of Communication of Ateneo de Manila University):

"Our world has come to depend much on the work of journalists. From them we expect information, enlightenment, guidance, insight, contemporary history, the truth. And all this we wish them to deliver to us lucidly, wisely, and gracefully — in memorable language. All those who knew the late Gerry Gil will remember that he did all that as a newspaperman, columnist, writer of letters to the editor, writer of editorials, writer.  His erudition and wide reading, his insight and his humor, his passion for accuracy and his fearlessness, and especially his clear and graceful language — all are found in the book put together by his friends, impelled by Gerry’s spirit."

        The Manila Critics Circle presents the National Book Award for Journalism to this book that will provide models for writing classes, historical data for contemporary researchers, and a class memory for journalists past and future.
        Informatively, the National Book Award is the highest publishing award in the Philippines. It’s now on its 17th year, and like the Academy Awards, there are nominees and the winner is announced during the awarding ceremonies.

Sept 1998 email from
Isagani Cruz
De La Salle University