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For over 25 years, this website has served the Tanjayanons and their friends in keeping abreast with the news about each other, both from the home town, and from members around the world.

This has been accomplished by the posting of newsletters, souvenir programs, family trees, balik-bayan trips, obituaries, announcements, and other items of interest, by the mere clicking of the link "tanjaycity.org" on any computer's browser.

All these wizardry has been a labor of love by webmaster Iking Cariño and various contributors such as Braddock Calumpang, Danny Gil, Perla Manapol, and many others, who really are the "oldtimers" of the Tanjay Association dating back to the group's inception in 1983 in Los Angeles.

Now, all the above are retired, and Perla has passed away.

Maintaining this website involves money and effort.  Later technologies such as social media also seem to make it less relevant.

We therefore are "closing shop".  To the readership, thanks for everything.  It was fun while it lasted.

Incidentally, some of the sections such as family trees and the vignettes of Danny Gil have been migrated to another site "tanjay.rgad.com"

The administrators, 25 June 2018

Below are some comments from avid readers of the website.

From: (job_elizes@yahoo.com
Hi Danny and all,
I am great fan of Tanjayanons. My son married a Tanjayanon and developed many friendships among them in New York. I admire the various pictorials and articles that you created, which you gave me the chance to archive in albums, books and ebooks.
I know that you and your editorial staff have spent all your time, efforts, finances, and energy in creating your website, for the benefit of the members and friends.
I know that websites remain dormant and in slow motion due to passage of time and retirement of its managers.
I salute your website, as I have not seen one similar in its informative nature and wide range of coverage. I am from Daet Camarines Norte and attempted to make a website like yours, but to no avail and lack of success.
I think it's not wise to retire your website and wipe it out forever. It may seem that it's inactive, but it is still useful to some Tanjayanons and friends for its continuous presence in the cyberspace. It will be useful as reference material for future generations of Tanjayanons. It will continue to generate unity and togetherness of Tanjayanons, as legacy and for posterity. There are more positive reasons to maintain it and let it stay.
I am sure there will be some young people who might eventually join your editorial staff to keep it alive. Even if no one will keep it alive, just let it stay in cyberspace to benefit mankind.
Good luck!
 From: Jake Gomez@yahoo.com
(W/ permission - edited for brevity only)

"Hi Bradicks, kumusta na man ... mo diha sa California.  Ako, kami retired na, apan dili intawon sa Tanjay nga mao untay akon plano, didto jud sa Matangad sa yuta ni mamma,  We are here in Blaine, a year ago na atong Mayo... kay gusto man ni Mrs to be near amo only daughter and the apos.     
But hey, unsa gud ni, what's happening?  I visited our website, and was shocked!  Unsa tinoud na? You guys are killing our website.  Self-destruction?  Why?  Hibalo ka, kanang atong tanjay website mao ra baya gyud na intawo'y number one kalipay sa mga ingon namong halayo sa Tanjay.  Akong cuzzin sa New Zealand mao pud iya sulti. Maayo man mo dinha kay daghan man mong taga-atò! Malingaw man diod kami!  Ginabalik-balik namo ang mga sections diha, like mga reprints sa mga old Souvenir Programs very pretty, the Tanjay experience thru Ramblings, the Family Trees nga nahimong reference for those tracing relatives, ang Trivia ug labina kanang mga back issues sa atong Newsletters nga bisan ug balik-balik na ng mga komedya nga Tinanjay, makatawa man gyud gihapon kami! Mahimout man diod mi ..... ambi unsaon man na nimo!  Ay, ambut lang ninyo!  Tambal intawon kana namo nga gimingaw sa atò.      Seriously, bitaw, is the tanjay website really in its deathbed, counting the days when it self-destructs, dies, and be lost forever .... without saying (sigh!) a goodbye?  Why?  Is not there a way for our Tanjay Association and the Tanjayanons to prevent its death?  
Braddicks, the most painful goodbyes are those that are not said, nor explained.    
Jacinto  “Jake” Gomez, Jr.


Happily, it seems that the Tanjay Website will not disappear Sept 30 when the hosting funds will run out. Other faithful members have come to the rescue. So what you see on
"tanjaycity.org" will remain, and though the front page may seem dormant, the various links will change as updates are effected.

The administrators, 15 July 2018

2017 Flyer


Our Tanjay Funds for Charity has a remaining balance of P160,131.21 as of December 31, 2014,
deposited at the local branch of PNB/Allied Bank in Tanjay.  The Amount is a consolidation of the
results of our two fund raisers. viz::

    1. 2011 (Excess of Donations over Disbursements  -------  P  36,771.18
    2.  2013 (Excess of Donations over Costs and expenses -     123,360.03
    3.  Remaining Balance (Combined) as of 12/31/14) -------  P160,131.21

The above reports are posted for the record and information of everyone. (Click on REPORTS on the left menu.)

Once again, the Funds' co-stewards Fr Jun Limbaga, Ms Badingding Señeris-Gil and Braddock Calumpng  hereby acknowledge and express their thanks for the generosity of our friends and our fellow Tanjayanons.


Fund Balance, as of December 31, 2014                                                                   160,131.21
       (See Dec 31, 2014 Financial Report)

Less Disbursements, Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2015
        Donation - Plaza Central School Fire
               (c/o Parent Teachers Association)            20,000.00
         Medical Aid - Ms Joselyn Parane
                (c/o Dr Alex Parane)                               10,000.00
          Tanjay Fiesta Compliments
                (c/o Souv Program Committee)                 5,000.00
          Donation - Palanas Fire
                 (c/o Mr Bino Guerrero)                            5.000.00                                        40,000.00

Fund Balance, as of  December 31, 2015                                                                  120,131.21

Fund Balance, as of December 31, 2015
        (See Dec 31, 2015 Fincial Report above)                                                              120,131.21

Less Disbursements
         Sponsorship - Tanjay Mayoralty Forum
                   c/o Parish Pastoral Council                      39,625.66
         Meal Bucks Dinner - Panel, Guests, Crew, etc.
                   (c/o Ms Zita Alcantara Tabasa                    6,600.00
         Complimentary AD - Tanjay Fiesta
                   (c/o Tyrone Grant - Parish Souv Prog)         3,000.00                                    49,225.66

Fund Balance, as of December 31, 2016                                                                      70,905.55

The Tajnay Association, USA Officers
L.A.- West Coast 2016-2018
NY/NJ - East Coast 2015


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